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Scientific Name: Elymus repens ssp. repens ( syn. Agropyron repens )
Pronunciation: ELL-ih-muss REE-penz subspecies REE-penz
Common Name: quackgrass , couchgrass
Family Name: Poaceae
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, Poales (grass-like), Invasive plant, Weed (horticultural)
Key ID Features: Leaf vernation rolled, blade rough on the upper surface, not glossy, 4-10 mm wide, pointed tips… auricles 1mm long, slender and overlapping to clasp the culm…ligule 0.5 – 1 mm long… sheath not compressed, base with trichomes, not reddish…long aggressive, sharp-pointed rhizomes with yellowish tips…aggressive habit, greening up early in spring to form large, thin patches in mowed turf. It has creeping rhizomes which enable it to grow rapidly across grassland. It has flat, hairy leaves with upright flower spikes. The stems ('culms') grow to 40–150 cm tall; the leaves are linear, 15–40 cm long and 3–10 mm broad at the base of the plant, with leaves higher on the stems 2–8.5 mm broad. The flower spike is 10–30 cm long, with spikelets 1–2 cm long, 5–7 mm broad and 3 mm thick with three to eight florets. The glumes are 7–12 mm long, usually without an awn or with only a short one. (Wikipedia)
Course(s): Level 2 Apprenticeship

Habit: Spreading, Upright
Form: Vase
Texture: Medium - fine
Mature Size:
Height:0.7 - 1.3m
Spread:0.3 - 0.6m
Growth Rate:Fast
Hardiness Rating: Zone 3: (-40 to -34 C)
Soil/ Growing Medium:
Landscape Uses:
Additional Info: Google. Noxious weed.
quackgrass , couchgrass
Leaf Morphology:
Form: Grass-like
Arrangement: Alternate
Texture/ Venation: Soft flexible
Surfaces: Glabrous
Colour in Summer: Bluish, Green
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Linear
Apices: Acute
Bases: Sheathing
Margins: Entire
Additional Info: Leaves rolled in the bud.

Inflorescence Type: Spikelet
Flower Morphology:
Colour (petals): Green-yellow
Flower Time at Peak: Jun, Jul, Aug
Additional Info: Spikelets flattened with 4 to 6 florets, alternately arranged along a common zig-zagged axis up to 15 cm long.

Fruit Type: Grain (caryopsis)
Fruit Colour: Brown
Fruiting Time:
Additional Info: burred, sharp awl
Bark or Stem Colour:
Organ Modifications: Fleshy monocot roots, Rhizomes
Pest Susceptibility: Drought resistant
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