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Scientific Name: Pteris cretica
Pronunciation: TEER-iss KREE-tih-kuh
Common Name: table fern, ribbon fern
Family Name: Pteridaceae
Plant Type: Fern, Indoor foliage plant
Key ID Features: Fronds arching, pale green fronds, each with up to five simple or fork-tipped pinnae; spores may form along a downward rolled margin.
Course(s): HORT 1193/1293

Habit: Arching
Form: Irregular
Texture: Medium
Mature Size:
Height:0.4 - 0.7m
Spread:0.3 - 0.6m
Origin: Africa, Central / west Asia, Europe
Hardiness Rating: Zone 9: (-7 to -1 C)
Soil/ Growing Medium:
Water Use: Moderate
Landscape Uses: Indoor plant
Additional Info: Google. Cultivars shown may include P. ‘Albolineata’ (grayish fronds with white central patches down the center of each pinna).
table fern, ribbon fern
Leaf Morphology:
Form: Compound, Fern-like
Arrangement: Basal
Texture/ Venation: Soft flexible
Surfaces: Glabrous
Compound Leaf: Odd-pinnate
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Linear, Spatulate
Apices: Acute
Bases: Truncate
Margins: Pinnately lobed, Undulate (wavy)
Additional Info: Leaves variegated, Leaves are fronds; sterile fronds spreading; fertile fronds upright.

Inflorescence Type: n/a
Flower Morphology:n/a
Colour (petals): No Flowers
Flower Time at Peak:
Fruit Type: Sporangium (spores)
Fruit Colour: Brown
Fruiting Time:
Bark or Stem Colour:
Additional Info:no above ground stem
Organ Modifications: Rhizomes
Propagation: Seed, Division - below ground parts
Plant Care:
Optimal Temp.: Medium indoor temperature
Light Level:Low indoor light level
Pest Susceptibility: Disease resistant, Scale insects
(GNH) GreeNHouse
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