Scientific Name: Pinus mugo Form: Irregular, Mounded, Pyramidal - widely
Common Name:mugo pine, Swiss mountain pine Texture:Medium
Family Name:PinaceaeHabit: Irregular
Plant Type: Conifer Mature Size (ht. X w.):3 - 5m x 3 - 4m
Origin: Europe Hardiness Zone:Zone 2: (-46 to -40 C)
Leaves: Needle-like, Fascicles, Parallel venation, Acicular, Serrulate
Flowers: n/a (male cone), Green-yellow, Red, Mar- Apr
Fruit: Cone (winged seeds), Brown, Sep- Oct, (Persistent)
Exposure: Full sun
Soil: Acidic, Well-drained
Landscape Uses: Group or mass planting
Key ID Features:Low spreading, pine. Stiff needles in bundles of 2. When leaves drop, rough protuberances are left