Scientific Name: Cephalanthus occidentalis
Common Name: button bush
Family Name: Rubiaceae
Origin: Canada - eastern, Central America, Mexico, U.S. - northeast, U.S. - southwest
Hardiness Zone: Zone 4: (-34 to -29 °C)
Plant Type: Shrub - deciduous, Tree - deciduous
Mature Size: 2 - 3m x 2 - 3m (height x width)
Habit: Upright
Form: Irregular
Texture: Coarse
Landscape Uses: Attract butterflies, Mixed shrub border, Small garden/space, Summer interest
Exposure: Full sun
Soil or Media: Bog, Humus rich
Leaves: Simple, Opposite, Whorled, Soft flexible, Pinnate venation, Glabrous, Lustrous, Elliptic, Ovate, Entire
Flowers: Flowers clustered, White, Aug-Sep
Fruit: Achene, Brown, Oct, (Persistent)
Key ID Features:
Leaves oppoite or whorled, ovate-elliptic, most blades 7-13cm long x 4-6cm wide; spikes round, about 2cm wide on peduncule 2.5-5cm long, florets white, tiny, long protuding style, late summer. Winter ID: twigs reddish, glabrous, rounded; buds <1 wide and 0.2-2mm above a round leaf scar with a prominent bundle scars in centre; remnants of stiplues.