Scientific Name: Cirsium vulgare
Common Name: bull thistle
Family Name: Asteraceae
Origin: Africa, Europe
Hardiness Zone: Zone 2: (-46 to -40 °C)
Plant Type: Biennial, Weed (horticultural)
Mature Size: 0.7 - 1.3m x 0.3 - 0.6m (height x width)
Habit: Upright
Form: Vase
Landscape Uses:
Exposure: Full sun, Part sun/part shade
Soil or Media:
Leaves: Simple, Lobed, Alternate, Basal, Prickly, Pinnate venation, Elliptic, Spinose
Flowers: Head (capitulum), Purple, Pink, May-Jun-Jul
Fruit: Cypsela (achene + calyx), White, Brown, Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct
Key ID Features:
Biennial that forms a taproot and has spiny wings up the length of its stem; leaves are stoutly spined, grey-green, deeply lobed basal leaves up to 15–25cm long, with smaller leaves on the upper part of the flower stem; the leaf lobes are spear-shaped; heads 2.5–5cm wide, florets appear all the same.