Scientific Name: Dryopteris cycadina
Common Name: shaggy shield fern
Family Name: Dryopteridaceae
Origin: S.E. Asia / Japan / China, South Asia / India
Hardiness Zone: Zone 5: (-29 to -23 °C)
Plant Type: Fern
Mature Size: 0.4 - 0.7m x 0.3 - 0.6m (height x width)
Habit: Arching, Upright
Form: Vase
Texture: Medium - fine
Landscape Uses: Accent plant, Container planting, Ground cover, Group or mass planting, Mixed shrub border, Woodland margin
Exposure: Full sun only if soil kept moist, Part sun/part shade, Filtered shade, Deep shade
Soil or Media: Humus rich, Well-drained
Leaves: Compound, Fern-like, Basal, Leathery, Bipinnate, Lanceolate, Cleft (parted), Pinnately lobed
Fruit: Sporangium (spores), Brown
Key ID Features:
Vase-shaped fern with short creeping rhizomes 45-70(-90)cm tall and as wide; fronds stiff, leathery, upright, once pinnate, with 20-30 pairs of narrow lance-shaped pinnae; stipe and rachis with black hair-like scales.