Scientific Name: Pinus thunbergii
Common Name: Japanese black pine
Family Name: Pinaceae
Origin: S.E. Asia / Japan / China
Hardiness Zone: Zone 6: (-23 to -18 °C)
Plant Type: Conifer
Mature Size: 15 - 22m x 7 - 10m (height x width)
Habit: Irregular, Spreading
Form: Irregular
Texture: Medium - fine
Landscape Uses: Specimen plant, Wind break
Exposure: Full sun
Soil or Media: Acidic, Well-drained
Leaves: Needle-like, Spiraled, Fascicles, Acicular, Serrulate
Flowers: n/a (male cone), Yellow, Brown, Apr-May
Fruit: Cone (winged seeds), Green, Brown, Sep-Oct, (Persistent)
Key ID Features:
Irregular habit, bark dark purple-gray, young shoots yellow-brown shoots, buds grey-brown, covered with silky white hairs; needles 2 per fascicle, 7-13cm long, often twisted; seed cones 4-7cm long x 3.3-6.5cm wide, scales numerous, 18-28mm long x 8-12mm wide, seeds 6mm long with 12-16mm long wing. <a href ='' target='_blank'></a>