Scientific Name: Polyscias fruticosa
Common Name: Ming aralia
Family Name: Araliaceae
Origin: S.E. Asia / Japan / China, South Asia / India
Hardiness Zone: Zone 10: (-1 to 4 °C)
Plant Type: Indoor foliage plant
Mature Size: 1.3 - 2.0m x 0.6 - 1.0m (height x width)
Habit: Upright
Form: Oval - vertical
Texture: Medium
Landscape Uses: Indoor plant, Medicinal plant
Soil or Media: Well-drained
Leaves: Compound, Alternate, Soft flexible, Glabrous, Lustrous, Odd-pinnate, Tripinnate, Lanceolate, Ovate, Dentate, Lacerate, Spinose
Flowers: Umbel, Green-yellow, Sep
Fruit: White
Key ID Features:
Leaves pinnately compound, 1-5(-7); leaflets ovate to lanceolate, margins toothed with narrow points.