Scientific Name: Thymus serpyllum
Common Name: mother of thyme, creeping thyme
Family Name: Lamiaceae
Origin: Europe
Hardiness Zone: Zone 4: (-34 to -29 °C)
Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen, Ground cover
Mature Size: 0.1 - 0.2m x 0.3 - 0.6m (height x width)
Habit: Dense, Spreading
Form: Creeping / Mat-like
Texture: Fine
Landscape Uses: Attract beneficial insects, Container planting, Fragrance, Ground cover, Perennial border, Summer interest
Exposure: Full sun
Soil or Media: Well-drained
Leaves: Simple, Opposite, Soft flexible, Pubescent, Distinctive smell, Elliptic, Linear, Ovate, Ciliate
Flowers: Verticillaster, Purple, Jul
Fruit: Schizocarp, Brown
Key ID Features:
Prostrate, mat-forming evergreen herb with hairy stems (woody at base); leaf blades mostly oval, 3-8mm long, petioles 1-3 mm long; florets strongly scented, 4-6mm long, in terminal spike-like verticillasters.