Scientific Name: Woodwardia fimbriata
Common Name: giant chain fern
Family Name: Blechnaceae
Origin: B.C. west of Cascades, U.S. - northwest, U.S. - southwest
Hardiness Zone: Zone 8a: (-12 to -9.5 °C)
Plant Type: Fern, Semi-evergreen
Mature Size: 0.7 - 1.3m x 1.5 - 2.0m (height x width)
Habit: Arching
Form: Vase
Texture: Medium - fine
Landscape Uses: Waterside planting, Woodland margin
Exposure: Part sun/part shade, Filtered shade
Soil or Media:
Leaves: Compound, Fern-like, Basal, Soft flexible, Pubescent, Tripinnate, Linear, Ovate, Ciliate, Incised
Fruit: Sporangium (spores), Brown
Key ID Features:
Fronds 40-170cm long x 30-70cm long; pinnae pointed with tiny spines along margins, lower surface forming two rows of mostly 8-12(-30) sausage-shaped sori in summer.