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Scientific Name: Rhododendron 'Purple Splendor'
Pronunciation: roe-doe-DEN-drun
Common Name: purple splendor azalea
Family Name: Ericaceae
Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen
Key ID Features: Small evergreen; leaves narrowly elliptic, to 6 cm long, dark green; flowers vivid reddish-purple with darker blotch should be hose in hose (specimen shown and on campus has the outer hose is partially formed).
Course(s): HORT 2355

Habit: Spreading
Form: Oval - horizontal, Round
Texture: Medium - fine
Mature Size:
Height:0.7 - 1.3m
Spread:1.0 - 1.5m
Growth Rate:Slow
Origin: Garden origin, North America (R. yedoense var. poukhanense x R. 'Hexe')
Hardiness Rating: Zone 5: (-29 to -23 C)
Exposure: Filtered shade, Part sun/part shade
Soil/ Growing Medium: Acidic, Humus rich, Well-drained
Water Use: Moderate
Landscape Uses: Mixed shrub border, Perennial border, Sheared hedge, Spring interest, Woodland margin
Additional Info: Google. A Gable hybrid. Note: this cultivar should have "flower in flower" (or hose in hose) arrangement. Not to be confused with R. 'Purple Splendour' (often misspelled in the US) which has dark purple blooms and almost black blotches.
purple splendor azalea
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Simple
Arrangement: Alternate
Texture/ Venation: Leathery, Pinnate venation
Surfaces: Lustrous, Pubescent
Colour in Fall: Dark-green
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Elliptic
Apices: Acute
Bases: Cuneate
Margins: Entire

Inflorescence Type: Floriferous, Flowers clustered
Flower Morphology:Flowers perfect
Number of Petals:10
Corolla Shape:Funnelform
Ovary Position:Superior
Colour (petals): Showy, Purple, Red
Flower Scent: Fragrant
Flower Time at Peak: Apr, May

Fruit Type: Aborted (hybrids) or absent
Fruit Colour:
Fruiting Time:
Additional Info: Fruit insignificant
Bark Morphology: Multi-stem trunk, Lightly fissured
Bark or Stem Colour: Grey, Tan

Plant Care:
Maintenance:Medium maintenance plant
Pest Susceptibility: Fungal leaf spot, Wilt,
Specific Pests: sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum)
(MCF) Main Courtyard Fountain : 698 (check ID)
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