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Scientific Name: Picea meyeri
Pronunciation: PYE-see-uh MY-er-eye
Common Name: Meyer's spruce (seedling)
Family Name: Pinaceae
Plant Type: Conifer
Key ID Features: Needles spreading radially, ascending on upper side of branchlets, spreading and curved upward on lower side, quadrangular, slightly curved, 13-30×2 mm, stomatal lines on all surfaces; female cones green, maturing brown-yellow, oblong-cylindric, 6-9×2.5-3.5 cm, seed scales obovate, 1.6×1.2 cm, striate on exposed part, apex rounded or triangular, seeds 3.5 mm with a 10 mm wing. (
Course(s): not used (off campus)

Mature Size:
Height:22 - 30m
Spread:5 - 7m
Origin: S.E. Asia / Japan / China
Hardiness Rating: Zone 4: (-34 to -29 C)
Soil/ Growing Medium:
Landscape Uses: Forestry
Additional Info: Google
Meyer's spruce (seedling)
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Needle-like
Arrangement: Spiraled
Texture/ Venation:
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Acicular

Inflorescence Type: n/a
Flower Morphology:Monoecious plant
Colour (petals): No flowers
Flower Time at Peak: Apr
Fruit Type: n/a
Fruit Colour: Dark-red, Brown, Purple
Fruiting Time: Sep, Oct
Bark Morphology: Exfoliating
Bark or Stem Colour: Grey, Brown
Organ Modifications: Ectomycorrhizae

Propagation: Seed
(NCA) Not Currently Available : not used
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