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Scientific Name: Origanum vulgare 'Aureum Crispum'
Pronunciation: uh-RIG-uh-num vul-GAIR-ee
Common Name: golden oregano
Family Name: Lamiaceae
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial
Key ID Features: Highly-scented, tufted, herbaceous perennial, strongly scented; leaves bright yellow-green, pubescent, ovate, to 1-2(-3) cm long, most having a wrinkled appearance and margins curved upwards; flowers densely arranged in verticillasters, white to pink, to 3 mm wide.
Course(s): HORT 2355

Habit: Spreading
Texture: Medium - fine
Mature Size:
Height:0.2 - 0.4m
Spread:0.3 - 0.6m
Hardiness Rating: Zone 3: (-40 to -34 C)
Exposure: Part sun/part shade
Soil/ Growing Medium:
Landscape Uses: Attract beneficial insects, Attract butterflies, Bedding plant, Filler, Fragrance, Ground cover, Group or mass planting, Hanging basket, Herb, Perennial border, Rock garden, Small garden/space
Additional Info: Google. See additional data entered for species.
golden oregano
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Simple
Arrangement: Opposite
Texture/ Venation: Soft flexible
Surfaces: Pubescent
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Ovate
Bases: Cordate
Margins: Ciliate, Undulate (wavy)

Inflorescence Type: Corymb-like, Cyme
Flower Morphology:Flowers perfect
Number of Petals:5
Corolla Shape:Bilabiate
Ovary Position:Superior
Colour (petals): Showy, White, Pink, (buds pink)
Flower Time at Peak: Aug, Sep

Fruit Type: Schizocarp
Fruit Colour: Brown
Fruiting Time:
Additional Info: Ovary separates into four tiny mericarps or "nutlets" that are enclosed in a persistent calyx
Bark or Stem Colour:
Organ Modifications: Rhizomes

Pest Susceptibility: Fungal leaf spot, Leaf miner insect, Mites, Root rot, ( Pest resistant, Deer resistant, Rabbit resistant, Drought resistant )
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