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Scientific Name: Dracaena fragrans
Pronunciation: druh-SEE-nuh FRAY-granz
Common Name: corn plant, cornstalk dracaena, striped dracaena
Family Name: Asparagaceae
Plant Type: Indoor foliage plant
Key ID Features: Leaves of indoor plants are mostly glossy green, commonly striped, 20-90 cm x 3-9 cm depending on the cultivar.
Course(s): HORT 1193/1293

Habit: Upright
Form: Oval - vertical
Texture: Coarse
Mature Size:
Height:0.7 - 1.3m
Spread:0.6 - 1.0m
Growth Rate:Slow
Origin: Africa
Hardiness Rating: Zone 10: (-1 to 4 C)
Exposure: Full sun only if soil kept moist, Part sun/part shade
Soil/ Growing Medium: Well-drained
Water Use: Moderate, Winter dry
Landscape Uses: Indoor plant
Additional Info: Google. Cultivars shown or on campus may include D. 'Warneckii'D. 'Warneckii' and D. 'Janet Craig'. Can grow much taller over time or outdoors in warmer climates.
corn plant, cornstalk dracaena, striped dracaena
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Simple
Arrangement: Sessile, Spiraled
Texture/ Venation: Soft flexible
Surfaces: Glabrous
Colour in Summer: Green, Yellow, Yellow stripe down centre
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Lanceolate, Linear, Oblanceolate
Apices: Cuspidate
Bases: Sheathing
Margins: Entire
Additional Info: Leaves variegated, Arching

Inflorescence Type: Panicle
Flower Morphology:Flowers perfect
Number of Petals:6
Corolla Shape:Salverform
Ovary Position:Superior
Colour (petals): No flowers, White, Red
Flower Time at Peak:
Additional Info: Rarely flowers locally.

Fruit Type: Berry (true)
Fruit Colour: Red
Fruiting Time:
Additional Info: Fruit insignificant, Unlikely to form locally

Bark Morphology: Smooth
Bark or Stem Colour: Tan

Propagation: Stem/cane cuttings
Plant Care:
Optimal Temp.: Medium indoor temperature
Light Level:Medium indoor light level
Maintenance:Low maintenance plant
Pest Susceptibility: Abiotic disorder, Mites, Scale insects, ( Pest resistant, Disease resistant )
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