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Scientific Name: Malus fusca
Pronunciation: MAY-lus FUSS-kuh
Common Name: Pacific crabapple
Family Name: Rosaceae
Plant Type: Tree - deciduous
Key ID Features: Tree to 6 m tall; flowers white, <2 cm wide; pomes oblong, <1 cm long. Winter ID: buds spur-like; bark coppery-brown, scaly and plated.
Course(s): HORT 2355

Habit: Twiggy, Upright
Form: Irregular, Round
Texture: Medium
Mature Size:
Height:10 - 15m
Spread:7 - 10m
Growth Rate:Moderate
Origin: B.C. west of Cascades, U.S. - northwest
Hardiness Rating: Zone 6: (-23 to -18 C)
Exposure: Filtered shade, Full sun, Part sun/part shade
Soil/ Growing Medium: Humus rich, Well-drained
Water Use: Low, Wetlands
Landscape Uses: Attract beneficial insects, Attract birds, Fragrance, Herb, Spring interest, Tall background, Urban agriculture, Wetland - bogs, Wildlife food, Woodland margin
Additional Info: Google
Pacific crabapple
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Simple
Arrangement: Alternate
Texture/ Venation:
Surfaces: Pubescent
Colour in Fall: Orange, Red
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Elliptic, Oblong
Apices: Acuminate
Bases: Rounded
Margins: Pinnately lobed, Serrate

Inflorescence Type: Floriferous, Corymb
Flower Morphology:Flowers perfect
Number of Petals:5
Corolla Shape:Rotate/stellate
Ovary Position:Perigynous
Colour (petals): Showy, White
Flower Scent: Fragrant
Flower Time at Peak: Apr, May

Fruit Type: Pome
Fruit Colour: Yellow, Red
Fruiting Time: Aug, Sep, Oct
Additional Info: Showy, Accessory tissue, Edible

Bark Morphology: Plated, Moderately fissured, Multi-stem trunk
Bark or Stem Colour:
Leaf Bud Type: Conical (long-pointed)
Leaf Scar Shape:Crescent shaped
Organ Modifications: Storage tap root

Propagation: Seed, Cuttings
Plant Care:
Pest Susceptibility: Aphids or adelgids, Blight or needle cast, Canker or sap rot, Caterpillar or cutworm, Diptera - true flies, Fungal leaf spot, Galls, Mildew, Mites, Nematodes, Rodents, Rust, Virus, ( Pest resistant, Disease resistant )
(BCE) Boulevard (Circular) Eastend : near black gum tree
(BCW) Boulevard (Circular) Westend : near Best Western
(FSC) Far South Campus
(TFL) Turf Field Lab
(TFLN) Turf Field Lab North
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