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Scientific Name: Myosotis sylvatica
Pronunciation: my-oh-SO-tiss sil-VAT-ih-kuh
Common Name: garden forget-me-not
Family Name: Boraginaceae
Plant Type: Biennial
Key ID Features: Leaves oblong-elliptic, hairy, green up to 11 cm x 3 cm (if basal); flowers small, 5-lobed, up 1 cm wide, blue with yellow or white eyes bloom in dense cymes mostly in April - May.
Course(s): not used (on campus)

Habit: Upright
Form: Columnar
Texture: Medium - fine
Mature Size:
Height:0.1 - 0.2m
Spread:0.3 - 0.6m
Growth Rate:Fast
Origin: Central / west Asia, Europe
Hardiness Rating: Zone 5: (-29 to -23 C)
Exposure: Full sun, Part sun/part shade
Soil/ Growing Medium: Well-drained
Landscape Uses: Perennial border
Additional Info: Google
garden forget-me-not
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Simple
Arrangement: Alternate, Basal
Texture/ Venation: Soft flexible
Surfaces: Pubescent
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Elliptic, Oblong
Apices: Acute
Bases: Sheathing, Truncate
Margins: Entire

Inflorescence Type: Floriferous, Cyme
Flower Morphology:Flowers perfect
Number of Petals:5
Corolla Shape:Rotate/stellate
Ovary Position:Superior
Colour (petals): Showy, Blue, White, Pink
Flower Time at Peak: Apr, May

Fruit Type: Schizocarp
Fruit Colour: Brown
Fruiting Time: Jun, Jul
Additional Info: Ovary separates into four tiny mericarps or "nutlets"
Bark or Stem Colour: Green

Pest Susceptibility: Mildew, Rust, ( Pest resistant, Disease resistant, Deer resistant, Rabbit resistant )
(WLG) WoodLand Garden
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