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Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba
Pronunciation: GINK-go by-LO-buh
Common Name: maidenhair tree, ginkgo
Family Name: Ginkgoaceae
Plant Type: Tree - deciduous
Key ID Features: Upright with some horizontal branching; leaves flat, leathery, fan-shaped, bi-lobed, densely clustered, dichotomous venation. Winter ID: buds large, stubby spurs, and orange-brown.
Course(s): Level 3 Apprenticeship, CLT Training

Habit: Horizontal, Open, Spreading
Form: Oval - vertical, Pyramidal - widely
Texture: Medium
Mature Size:
Height:22 - 30m
Spread:7 - 10m
Growth Rate:Moderate
Origin: (southern China)
Hardiness Rating: Zone 4: (-34 to -29 C)
Exposure: Full sun
Soil/ Growing Medium: Well-drained
Water Use: Low, Moderate
Landscape Uses: Accent plant, Cut flower or foliage, Fall interest, Shade tree, Specimen plant, Street (boulevard tree)
Additional Info: Google Habit can vary greatly with cultivar; a gymnosperm but not a conifer; some specimens in China over 50 m tall and 2500 years old.
maidenhair tree, ginkgo
Leaf Morphology: Glossary
Form: Lobed
Arrangement: Alternate
Texture/ Venation: Leathery, Parallel venation
Surfaces: Glabrous
Colour in Fall: Yellow
Leaf(let) Terms:
Shapes: Other
Apices: Apiculate
Bases: Cuneate
Margins: Pinnately lobed
Additional Info: Spectacular fall colour, fan-shaped like maidenhair fern and with dichotomous venation (when closely examined); edible

Inflorescence Type: Catkin (ament)
Flower Morphology:Dioecious plant
Number of Petals:0
Colour (petals): Not showy, Green-yellow
Flower Scent: None
Flower Time at Peak: Apr, May, Jun
Additional Info: male - catkin-like to 8 cm long; female - round, solitary; o true flowers (it's a gymnosperm)

Fruit Type: Drupe
Fruit Colour: Green, Yellow
Fruiting Time: Oct, Nov
Additional Info: Showy, Accessory tissue, Distinctive smell, drupe-like; usually in pairs; fleshy outer layer enclosing an oval seed (gymnosperm); about 2 cm long; edible but stinky when decaying (so usually only male trees are planted)

Bark Morphology: Lightly fissured
Bark or Stem Colour: Grey
Leaf Bud Type: Rounded or globular
Organ Modifications: Lignotubers on trunks, branches form when stressed

Propagation: Seed, Softwood cuttings, Grafting
Pest Susceptibility: Fungal leaf spot, Nematodes, Root rot, ( Pest resistant, Disease resistant, Deer resistant, Drought resistant )
Specific Pests: very pollution resistant
(BHE) Boulevard by Hwy. 10 Eastend
(ONW) Overpass North side West : 606
(PDE) PonD East : cv. Witch's Broom
(PDW) PonD West : cv. Spring Grove
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