Scientific Name: Sedum oreganum Form: Creeping / Mat-like
Common Name:Oregon stonecrop Texture:Medium - fine
Family Name:CrassulaceaeHabit: Spreading
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, Succulent or Cacti Mature Size (ht. X w.):0.1 - 0.2m x 0.1 - 0.3m
Origin: B.C. west of Cascades, U.S. - northwest Hardiness Zone:Zone 2: (-46 to -40 C)
Leaves: Simple, Alternate, Succulent, Glabrous, Spatulate, Obovate, Entire
Flowers: Cyme, (Floriferous), (Corymb-like), White, Jul- Aug
Fruit: Aggregate fruit Follicle
Exposure: Full sun
Soil or Media: Well-drained, Rocky or gravelly or dry
Landscape Uses: Container planting, Green roof technology, Ground cover, Group or mass planting, Native planting, Attract beneficial insects
Key ID Features:Leaves alternate on flowering stems, obovate to spoon-shaped, 6-12 mm wide x 20-30 mm long; florets in terminal, umbrella-shaped clusters, petals 5, narrowly lanceolate and long-pointed, yellow then turning pinkish, (8) 10-13 mm long; follicles erect with bases slightly fused. E-Flora BC