Scientific Name: Omphalodes cappadocica Form: Creeping / Mat-like
Common Name:Cappadocian navelwort, blue-eyed Mary Texture:Medium - coarse
Family Name:BoraginaceaeHabit: Spreading
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, Ground cover Mature Size (ht. X w.):0.2 - 0.4m x 0.3 - 0.6m
Origin: Central / west Asia Hardiness Zone:Zone 6: (-23 to -18 C)
Leaves: Simple, Basal, Alternate, Soft flexible, Pinnate venation, Pubescent, Ovate, Elliptic, Entire
Flowers: Cyme, (Panicle-like), Violet, Blue, Apr- May
Fruit: Schizocarp, Brown Green Purple
Exposure: Filtered shade
Soil or Media:
Landscape Uses: Perennial border, Spring interest, Woodland margin
Key ID Features:Flowers blue with white eyes in spring, to 5 mm wide (similar to forget-me-knot).