Scientific Name: Nasturtium officinale Form:
Common Name:watercressTexture:Medium - fine
Family Name:BrassicaceaeHabit: Spreading
Plant Type: Annual, Aquatic plant Mature Size (ht. X w.):1.3 - 2.0m x 0.3 - 0.6m
Origin: Europe, South Asia / India Hardiness Zone:Zone 6: (-23 to -18 C)
Leaves: Compound, Alternate, Soft flexible, Lustrous, Odd-pinnate, Orbicular, Ovate, Entire, Undulate (wavy)
Flowers: Raceme, White, May- Jun
Fruit: Silique, Green
Exposure: Full sun only if soil kept moist, Part sun/part shade, Filtered shade
Soil or Media:
Landscape Uses: Aquatic - ponds, Waterside planting, Wetland - bogs, Herb, Medicinal plant
Key ID Features:Leaves pinnately divided with 3 to 7 oval leaflets, entire to wavy-edged; flowers to 6 mm wide in terminal clusters, white; fruit a silique with tips curved upwards.