Scientific Name: Agastache mexicana Form: Columnar
Common Name:agastache, Mexican hyssop Texture:Medium
Family Name:LamiaceaeHabit: Upright
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Mature Size (ht. X w.):0.7 - 1.3m x 0.3 - 0.6m
Origin: Mexico, North America Hardiness Zone:Zone 7: (-18 to -12 C)
Leaves: Simple, Opposite, Soft flexible, Pinnate venation, Glabrous, Ovate, Crenate, Serrate
Flowers: Verticillaster, Orange, Pink, Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct
Fruit: Schizocarp, Brown, Nov- Oct
Exposure: Full sun
Soil or Media: Well-drained, Humus rich
Landscape Uses: Attract beneficial insects, Attract butterflies, Bedding plant, Container planting, Herb, Summer interest, Perennial border
Key ID Features:Stems square in c.s., 60-120 cm tall; leaves opposite, ovate, serrated, lower surface downy, lemon fragrance, up to 4 cm long; florets 2-lipped, tubular, < 2 cm long, clustered in whorls to form verticillasters up to 30 cm long.