Scientific Name: Akebia quinata Form: Climbing
Common Name:chocolate vine Texture:Medium
Family Name:LardizabalaceaeHabit: Arching, Twiggy
Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen, Vine or climber Mature Size (ht. X w.):7 - 10m x 3 - 4m
Origin: Hardiness Zone:Zone 5: (-29 to -23 C)
Leaves: Compound, Alternate, Soft flexible, Palmate venation, Glabrous, Odd-pinnate, Leaflets stalked, Oblong, Ovate, Entire
Flowers: Raceme, (Floriferous), White, Purple, Dark-red, Brown, Mar- Apr
Fruit: Follicle, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Sep- Oct, (Persistent)
Exposure: Full sun, Part sun/part shade
Soil or Media: Well-drained
Landscape Uses: Arbors or trellis
Key ID Features:Leaves alternate, palmately compound, five leaflets are rounded/notched at the tips; new leaves emerge purple-tinged,mature to bluish-green; flowers small, purple-brown, fragrant.