Scientific Name: Ilex crenata Form: Round
Common Name:Japanese holly Texture:Fine
Family Name:AquifoliaceaeHabit: Stiffly upright, Dense, Twiggy, Spreading
Plant Type: Broadleaf evergreen Mature Size (ht. X w.):1.3 - 2.0m x 1.5 - 2.0m
Origin: Hardiness Zone:Zone 6: (-23 to -18 C)
Leaves: Simple, Alternate, Leathery, Lustrous, Elliptic, Obovate, Entire
Flowers: Cyme, White, Green, May- Jun
Fruit: Drupe, Black, Sep- Oct
Exposure: Full sun, Filtered shade
Soil or Media: Acidic, Well-drained
Landscape Uses: Container planting, Filler, Group or mass planting, Mixed shrub border, Screening, Sheared hedge, Topiary
Key ID Features:Small, dense, evergreen shrub; leaves mostly less than 10(-13) mm long, closely spaced, alternate-spirally arranged, almost round, glossy, and 2-4 small teeth with tiny glands on points.