Scientific Name: Delphinium (spp. & hybrids) Form: Columnar
Common Name:delphiniumTexture:Medium - fine
Family Name:RanunculaceaeHabit: Upright
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial, Flowering cut plant Mature Size (ht. X w.):1.3 - 2.0m x 0.6 - 1.0m
Origin: Garden origin Hardiness Zone:Zone 4: (-34 to -29 C)
Leaves: Simple, Lobed, Alternate, Basal, Soft flexible, Palmate venation, Glabrous, Orbicular, Dentate, Incised, Serrate
Flowers: Raceme, (Floriferous), White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Dark-red, Jun- Jul- Aug
Fruit: Follicle, Aggregate fruit, Brown, Sep- Oct
Exposure: Full sun, Sheltered
Soil or Media: Well-drained
Landscape Uses: Cut flower or foliage, Floristry, Perennial border, Summer interest, Tall background, Wild flower garden, Attract birds, Attract butterflies
Key ID Features:Leaves simple, alternate to basal, most palmately veined with 5-7 toothed lobes; flowers bilaterally symmetrical, petals usually 4-5, sepals showy and petal-like with the posterior one forming a spur.